Oprah's Super Soul Sunday. Even if you may not agree with all the topics discussed, this show starts the conversation on God, prayer and spiritual life. In this video she interviews Brene Brown, Phil Jackson, Kerry Washington and more on what prayer means to them.

I'd highly recommend watching the video. One part that stood out to me is what Kerry Washington said. She believes if she asks God for something that matters to her He has three answers.

1) Yes

2) Yes but not right now

3) No. Because I have something better in store for you

I love this. It's so simple but so true. What a weight would lift off our shoulders if we looked at every situation through those lenses. What if we really believed that these are the only three answers that God gives to us. What peace, what comfort we would feel.

Think about a situation in your life. Can you believe one of these three answers are coming your way? When you do you realize all is good. All works out as it should when we give it to God. Be at peace today. Because God is good and He has a plans to prosper you and not to harm you... to give you hope and a future.  

You know that situation? Good news. You do have one of these three answers coming your way: Yes. Yes but not right now. Or No because He has something better in store. 

Exciting things are ahead for you.

Sending lots of love your way today,


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