We're A Different Way To Do Health
Our Goal Is For You To Live God's Best Version of You

You have what it takes to live God's Best Version of You. And when you make the decision to invest in your health, that’s a big deal. Really big. See, our goal is to come along side you on your God’s Best Version of You journey and provide programs designed to strengthen your Body, Mind and Spirit. That’s what we’re here for! And here's what why we believe you should say YES to HealthPlanG.


Your Physical Health Matters: --> SlimPlanG <--

SlimPlanG is our weight loss program designed with your God-given individuality in mind. HealthPlanG is a Body, Mind and Spirit program and SlimPlanG is where we focus on the Body part. 

We start with SlimPlanG because a healthy weight and energy filled life is oh-so-important to living God's Best Version of You. It makes all the difference on your daily life and the impact you make. When your body is not functioning at it's best, it effects everything: your energy, mental stamina, confidence, mood and quality of life. How we take care of our bodies makes all the difference. That is why we start your God's Best Version of You journey with SlimPlanG. Want more information on SlimPlanG? Click Here.

How You're Uniquely Wired Matters: --> Your Discovery Summary <--

Your Discovery Summary is personalized profile on how you're uniquely wired.  The Assessment matches you with a personality type and a Biblical character you're most like (love that part!), a pathway for connecting with God and learning style using an advanced proprietary algorithm and then compiles the information into your Discovery Summary. We then use this information gathered to build your SlimPlanG weight loss program on as well as any other programs you opt into in the future. We're not all wired the same so why have a health plan that is the same as everyone else? No thank you! HealthPlanG is all about your God-given individuality. 


A Plan To Impact Others (really!) Matters: --> Make My Mark Program <-- 

When you have done the work on you (hellooo SlimPlanG!), where do you go from there? How can you use your best self to make your mark and fulfill your purpose? We have a plan for that too. It’s called Make My Mark. It's taking God’s Best Version of You and pouring yourself and your talents into your community, loved ones and friends. Make your mark, right where you are, with the tools God’s given you. Now that's living the purpose-driven life you're called to live. 


Investing In You Every Day Matters: --> Your Daily Email <--

At the core of each HealthPlanG program is a daily email sent right to your inbox with the days to-do list. It's how we come alongside you every day to give you the tools, information and encouragement to live God's Best Version of You. Each program will always have five core themes: Diet, Exercise, How You're Wired, Love God and Love Others. But, for example, when you sign up for SlimPlanG the diet and exercise part is emphasized over the others. That way, we can focus on specific areas over a certain period of time without losing sight of the total body health aka your Body, Mind and Spirit. 


Choice Matters: --> HealthPlanG Programs <--

We start with SlimPlanG, our six-week weight loss program. From there, we offer additional programs that help strengthen other areas of your body, mind and spirit that are of interest to you. For example, (coming soon!) you'll be able to choose from programs like:


Nutrition Pro

Online Nutrition Counseling


Diving Into How You're Wired

Improving Your Relationships Based On Your Personality Type


Bible Studies

Book Clubs

Make My Mark Program

Growing As A Leader

...And Much More!

We know you'll love every step of the HealthPlanG process. Each one is designed to give you the knowledge and motivation you need to be your best. Plus they’re a lot of fun! So get ready – you’re on your way to live God’s Best Version of You!