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You are unique. Your Health Plan should be too. The Assessment will design your plan based on How You're Wired.

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Find out what Biblical Character you're like, your strengths and the one thing holding you back (your inhibitor!)

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First Up, SlimPlanG! A six week diet and weight-loss plan for a healthy & thriving body. It’s your first step.

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MIND: The AssessmentWho Are You Most Like In The Bible? Find Out!

Learn How You're Wired, What Biblical Character You're Most Like and What's Holding You Back (Your Inhibitor). That's Just The Beginning! We Come Alongside You Every Day With A Plan, Based On Your God-Given Individuality.

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BODY: Use What You Learn To Get Healthy!Start Your Health Plan With SlimPlanG.

A Healthy And Thriving BODY Is Your First Step In Living God's Best Version of You Because How You Feel Affects Every Part Of Your Life. Start SlimPlanG, A Six Week Diet And Weight-Loss Plan.

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SPIRIT: Live God's Best Version of You.After SlimPlanG, Keep Moving And Growing!

There’s More To Explore! We’re A Total Body, Mind and Spirit Plan So We Don't Stop At Weight Loss. Continue On Your Health Journey With Other Plans Like MovePlanG, FitPlanG and MePlanG!

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We Come Alongside You Every Day With A Faith-Based Plan For Your Body Mind and Spirit Health. A Plan Designed With Your God-given Individuality In Mind. Start Your Journey Today!

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  • Read Your Personality Profile
  • Start SlimPlanG's Six Week Diet And Weight Loss Plan (a healthy body is your first step)
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HealthPlanG changed my life...

"After reading my Discovery Summary (I am a Sarah) I immediately felt like HealthPlanG knew me and wanted to help me grow and thrive. I learned so much about myself- my inhibitors and strengths - and to use how I'm wired in my relationships with others. I love that my daily HealthPlan provides doable steps to help me move forward towards God's Best Version of Me. It keeps me on track like nothing I've ever tried before."

Lisa PhilipsAtlanta, GA

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