The HealthPlanG Process
We're So Glad You're Here! This Is How HealthPlanG Works.
Welcome to HealthPlanG! We're thrilled you've landed here and look forward to helping you along your journey. Here's a look at the HealthPlanG process and help you get the most out of your experience. Every step is listed below and don't worry, if you ever need more information you can send us an email at We look forward to having you as a part of the community!
Step 1: Take The Assessment

The Assessment is a revolutionary tool using an advanced proprietary algorithm that matches you to a personality type and is how we personalize your Health Plan including the six-week SlimPlanG weight loss program using body, mind, and spiritual principles. It’s a fun and simple Assessment outlining how you're uniquely wired. 

Step 2: Read Your Personality Profile

Your Personality Profile is personalized profile on how you're uniquely wired: body, mind and spirit. The Assessment matches you with a Biblical Character you're most like, your strengths, what's holding you back from living God's Best Version of You and much more. How we make your plan unique is by always taking into account your personality type.

Step 3: Download Your SlimPlanG Pak

After reading your Personality Profile you'll receive your SlimPlanG Pak and be directed to your Member HomePage. Both have all you need to be successful on SlimPlanG. Based on the information gathered during the Assessment, your plan and information is tailored to your personality and how you're uniquely wired for weight-loss. It’s also a great way to get engaged in our community and to connect to programs that help you be your best you.

Every Day: Read Your SlimPlanG Email

We start your Health Plan with SlimPlanG. Each day for six weeks you'll receive an email with your SlimPlanG weight-loss information for that day focusing on five key areas: Diet, Exercise, How You're Wired, Love God and Love Others. It's important to complete each step every day. It's easy and fast! Your daily Email is your one-stop-shop for all you need to be successful on your weight-loss plan!