SlimPlanG Is Designed For Your Weight-Loss
Targeting How You Lose Weight Best. Fast, Easy and Inexpensive.

Your Physical Health Matters. A Lot. 

A healthy weight is vital to living God's Best Version of You. It extends into every part of your life: your activity level, your mental health, your relationships, your energy, your self-worth. 

See, when you're not physically healthy it's hard to engage in life the way God intended you to. He's given you this body which is how you present yourself to the world. It's the vehicle you use to fulfill your purpose on the earth. So the first six weeks are focused on getting your body healthy and thriving so you can:


  • Spend quality time with friends and family

  • Improve your relationship with your spouse and loved ones

  • Use your strengths to make your mark on the world 

  • Be mentally clear and sharp

  • Avoid sickness and disease

  • Feel lighter and increase your energy


Let's Get Started!

Kick off HealthPlanG with our signature weight loss program SlimPlanG. This six-week program is a unique combination of your personality type, a low-sugar diet and our effective SugarBreak Strips proven to cut your sugar intake. 


How Is SlimPlanG Different From Other Programs?

By combining the ways YOU lose weight best through a personality assessment (we’re not a one-size-fits all program) along with detailed six-week meal plan sent straight to your inbox every day. 


How Does It Work?

Step 1: Take The HealthPlanG Assessment

The HealthPlanG Assessment is a revolutionary tool using an advanced proprietary algorithm that matches you to a personality type and helps personalize your SlimPlanG program. It’s a fun, fresh, and simple assessment to that helps discover how you are uniquely wired and how to use your strengths to lose weight and identify weaknesses that lead to unhealthy habits.


Step 2: Download The SlimPlanG Pak

It contains all you need to know to be successful over the next six weeks. It includes:


  • A Note From Ashley

  • Know Your WHY (goal setting)

  • SlimPlanG Guidelines

  • SlimPlanG Checklist

  • Six-Week Meal Plan

  • Grocery List For Each Week

  • Six-Week Fast Food Meal Plan

  • And More...


Step 3: Read (and Follow!) Your SlimPlanG Email Every Day

This is the beauty of SlimPlanG, you don't have to think about your weight-loss plan. We do that for you! All you need to do is read AND follow your email every day. It's encouraging and provides your meal plan, exercise and more for that day to help you lose weight and live God's Best Version of You.


Weekly Meal Plan 

The SlimPlanG diet is a six-week meal plan, developed by Renee Clerkin, RD, in where you cut out sugar and eat only whole, delicious foods God intended for us to eat. On SlimPlanG, you receive a six-week meal plan program, corresponding recipes as well as fast food options aka The Fast Food Diet, that match the meal plan.


The Fast Food Diet

On the go? Or need a cheap but still healthy option? Look no further than the SlimPlanG Fast Food Diet! We give you options that correspond to your meal plan so no matter where you are or what your budget is you can still lose weight fast. 


Step 4: Use The SugarBreak Strips Every Day (your secret weapon!)

SugarBreak Strips are designed to help you control your sugar cravings and reduce your sugar intake so you can live a healthier life and have significant health benefits from consuming less sugar. When you're having a sugar craving, pop one of these on your tongue and taa daa, the strip blocks your ability to taste sweetness making the consumption of sugary foods unsatisfying. Over the six week program, the use of the strips will ultimately decrease cravings over time and lead to healthy habits.


So Get Started Today! Take The HealthPlanG Assessment Now